Friday, August 3, 2012


This, I might say is one of the loveliest paintings I've made in a long while! Just love the beautiful reflections of the shutters on the table. Thelema is an award winning wine from South Africa, and this here is a 2004 Pinotage! So all in all a collection of a few of my favourite things.


  1. Hi Cecilia, this is another beautiful painting! I just wonder how you produce so much! Do you use traditional oils? I have to use water soluble oils and am using walnut oil as medium, which I am getting used to, after having given up oils years ago and painting with everything fast drying. I am pretty impatient and wonder how oil painters produce so much when it takes forever for it to dry!!

  2. This a very lovely and beautiful painting. I especially love how you painted the lights coming through the blinds.