Saturday, July 28, 2012


Peaches are in season and that means my husband buys them! So, just before the kids devour them all I had to paint a few for remembrance! The silver vase has just arrived with our furniture which was store in SA for 4 years! I am happy to have a few of my favorite things around again


  1. I love your paintings! I just ordered a print of one of my favorites the other day and can not wait to hang it in our new many of our things have been in storage for 4 years also!!......Blessing to you, Cecilia, as you continue to paint for His glory!!
    Cate Tuten

  2. Your paintings are beautiful! I've been noticing them on DailyPaintworks and finally took time to look and sign on as a follower! Hope you will check mine out as well!

  3. Thanks for joining my blog, too! I am so inspired by your oils!